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Building permits are required for the following items and a standard Building Permit Application may be used (Here).

Fill in all information that you may have and that is
applicable. Items that do not apply or are unknown should be left blank. Fees for Building Permits are set by the Town Board, see (Here). All checks are to be made payable to Town of Cortlandville and must be received prior to the issuance of any permit. Also, proof of Worker’s Compensation Insurance coverage for any contractor must be provided or an exemption form filed (Here). If the residential work is being done but the homeowner a form (Here) must be filled out and submitted.

DECKS – All decks, open or covered, as well as any porch needs a Building Permit. (Here) The only exception is a detached (from other structure) at grade platform which is considered a landscape feature.

– The demolition of any structure, commercial or residential, requires a
standard Building Permit Application. Along with the application we will need to have a copy of an asbestos survey

FARM STRUCTURES – No permit is required since they are exempt under the NYS Building

Agricultural buildings, including barns, sheds, poultry houses and other buildings and
equipment used directly and solely for agricultural purposes (are exempt). Any such building does need to adhere to the town’s zoning regulations regarding set-backs, etc. (Here)

FENCES – There are no regulations in this town in regard to installation of fences as long as
they are not over 72 inches in height.

OUTDOOR WOOD BURNING DEVICES – A Building Permit is required, see regulations

POLE BARN TYPE STRUCTURES – Whether residential or commercial in nature a Building
Permit is required per the other sections of this site.
SHEDS – Any utility shed structure large than 100 square feet and less than 200 square feet needs a permit. Whether it is pre-built or built on site, we will need to know how it is constructed and where is to be placed on the lot – a simple sketch of the lot or a copy of a survey is adequate as long as it shows all existing structures as well as the proposed location of the shed. A shed must be at least 5 feet from both the back and side property lines.

Sheds 100 square feet or less need no permit but must adhere to the set-back rules, as
above. Sheds 200 square feet or larger are considered a structure and need a regular Building Permit.

SIGNS – All signs are regulated in this town and most require a Building Permit. A standard
Build Permit Application is used (Here) and the regulation may be found (Here).

SMALL WIND SYSTEMS – A Building Permit is required, see regulations (Here)

SWIMMING POOLS – Any pool (in-ground or above) whose water capacity is greater than 24
inches in depth requires a building permit (Here).  Please see the NYS special requirements for pools (Here).

Requirements – Misc. Rev 040813

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