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Mailbox Installation Guidelines


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  • The face of the mailbox should be a minimum of 16 feet from the center line of the roadway and always at least 6 inches off any asphalt edge or shoulder edge.
  • If the shoulder of the roadway permits, the mailbox should be placed off the roadway to allow the mail delivery vehicle to get out of the traffic flow for safety.
  • The mailbox and its support arm should have a minimum of 42 inches of clear space under it for at least 2 feet back to the post from the face of the mailbox to allow the snow plow wing to pass under the mailbox and its arm.
  • The town is NOT responsible for repairing or replacing mailboxes hit from the removal of snow off the roadway.  Therefore some care and thought should be used when placing or repairing mailboxes and posts.  The NYS traffic laws require the Town Highway Department to keep a minimum two 15 foot lanes clear of obstructions for the motoring public.  This is a minimum total width of 30 feet, roadway and shoulder.
  • The mailbox post and box must be strong enough to stand up to heavy snow hitting it from coming off the plows.
  • The design of the snow plow with a wing is so that it plows a 15 foot wide path in one pass, at its narrowest setting.  The NYS Traffic Laws do not allow anyone to cross the centerline of the roadway, therefore anything within15 feet of the center of the road will most likely get hit.  The height of a wing on a snow plow is 40 inches so a 42 inch clearance under a mailbox is a very risky minimum considering any build up of ice or snow or gravel would lessen the clearance for the wing.

NOTE:  Please keep an additional width in mind when planting or putting anything (fences, etc.) near the roadway and allow for the snow removal amount being pushed back an additional 10-12 feet by the snowplows.


Please contact your Highway Superintendent for help and/or questions.


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