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Who needs a highway work permit?

Anyone who plans to do work on any part of the highway system, its properties or rights of way, must obtain a permit. Some typical examples of this work would be permanent or temporary driveway installations and improvements, drainage work, slope work, sign installations, land developments, plantings and the various activities of utilities in maintaining and installing their lines and equipment on the right of way.

Why do I need a highway work permit?

A work permit is required by the New York State Highway Law. This is to ensure that work done on the right of way, and the finished projects, meet the standards and policies of public safety, highway laws and regulations, preservation and function of the highway, and that the work is in the best interests of the traveling public as well as the owner of the project.

Who do I contact to get a permit or see if I need one for a planned project?

There are department representatives in each county stationed at Transportation Maintenance Residencies who will help you with permit information and applications. They will be the first contacts for your permit and, if necessary, will meet with you at the site. You can find a listing for the Highway Department in your local phone directory.



For a Divisible Load Weight Permit from the Town:

The Town needs a copy of your divisible load weight permit from New York State and your writen request for approval to travel Town roads under Town of Cortlandville Highway Department jurisdiction.



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