Commercial Building Permit Fee Schedule 


$40 plus $2 per $1000 of cost

New Construction

.30 per Sq. Ft.

Alterations and Renovationn

.20 per Sq. Ft.

Pole Type Construction

.10 per Sq. Ft.

Demolition Permit Fee



10 per Sq. Ft.

Agricultural Buildings Permit Fee

Zoning compliance onlyno
building plan revew$50.00

Building Code DepartmentCommercial Building Permit Requirements

The Following items are, in most cases, required prior to the issuance of a Building Permit for commercial applications:

Building Permit Application – Available at Town Hall or electronically, click here. Please leave blank any item of which you are unsure.

Zoning Compliance – If a zoning variance or planning board review was needed, please provide documentation concerning status.

Driveway Permit – Available from the municipal highway department that is responsible for the road on which you intend to build.

Well Permit – Needed if there is no public water on site. Available from the Cortland County Environmental Health Department.

Septic System Permit – Same as well permit, as above.

Public Water & Sewer – If the lot has public water and/or sewer available, please contact the Cortlandville Water & Sewer Department to start the dialog concerning what is needed to hook-up to their system(s).

Site Plan – You can use either a copy of a recent survey of the property or a sketch of the lot. Please show lot lines, any existing structures, and proposed structure covered under this application. All of the above should be located, with dimensions, on the drawing. Details of the town’s guidelines for set back from lot lines may be found (here)

Construction Drawings – Please provide one set of completed plans for the proposed structure. If the cost of the project is over $20,000. the plans must be stamped by a licensed design professional. If less than that amount, the drawings must be detailed enough to show how the structure is to be built. A good rule of thumb is, it needs enough detail so that a reasonably skilled builder could build from the plans only. Not only is a floor plan required but elevations of all sides should be included.

COMCHECK – This is a computer based NYS Energy Code calculator for components of almost any commercial structure that will be heated. You can access it here and work through it by applying information for the material you propose to use. It will calculate in a pass/fail format how well your plans comply to the Energy Code. Or energy calculation by a design professional may be submitted instead of the COMCHECK.

Foundation Plans – Please provide a detailed set of plans for the foundation including a plan view and a dimensioned wall cross section showing  footers, drainage, reinforcement, wall thickness and material, post pads, etc.

Plumbing Plan – Please provide plans detailed enough to show where fixtures such as sinks, water closets, lavatories, hot water heater, furnaces, etc. are to be located. Also show the basic waste system and a list of types of material to be used.

Electrical System – Please provide plans of the basic electrical including panel placement and lighting layout as well as where the smoke detectors and CO alarms will be placed. Please take note that all electrical will require inspection by a third party inspection firm – a list of those recognized by this town is available from this office.

Requirements – Commercial Rev 04/08/2013