Hall of Fame

The "Town Hall of Fame" was established in 2018. Its purpose is to recognize and honor individuals who have significantly contributed to the Town of Cortlandville and to our community as a whole.

Class of 2018

John Folmer

John B. F0lmer, Esq.

Town Attorney 1979-1983; 1994-2018

Class of 2019

Katherine Wickwire

Katherine S. Wickwire

Planning Board Member 1988-2019

Chairwoman 1991-2019

Class of 2021

Fran CasulloRonal RoccoJack Harvey
Hon. Francis J. Casullo
Town Justice 2003-2019

Ronal L. Rocco

Town Councilman 1986-2016

Town Historian 2005-2010

Jack Harvey

Charter Fire Captain 1974-1981

Charter Fire Commissioner 1981-2011

58 Years of Fire Service

Edward O'Donnell Mel Pierce

Edwin O’Donnell

Town Councilman 1979-2009

Melvin Pierce

Town Councilman 1978-1985

Town Supervisor 1986-1992

Class of 2022

Richard TupperTed Testa

Richard C. Tupper

Town Supervisor 2005-2019

Theodore V. Testa

Town Councilman 1988-2022

Deputy Supervisor 1990-2019

**Do you have someone you would like to nominate? Written nominations must be submitted by April 30, 2023 to the attention of the Town Clerk at townclerk@cortlandville.org