Dog Census Form

The Town of Cortlandville is conducting a Dog Census to ensure that all dogs are licensed.  Per New York State Law and the Code of the Town of Cortlandville, all dogs older than 4 months are required to be licensed.  Licensing ensures that all dogs have been properly vaccinated against rabies for the protection of both you and your neighbors.  The license also makes it much easier to locate the owner of a lost dog when he or she is found.  Any dog living with you for more than 30 days must be licensed.

Please respond by October 31, 2019 as to whether or not you have any dogs.

If you do not have any dogs, or have dogs that are already licensed, use the form below.

If you need to license your dog, click here.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Kristin Rocco-Petrella, RMC
Town Clerk