Supervisor's Office

Form of Town Government

The Town is governed by the provisions of the Town Law.

The chief executive officer of the Town is the Supervisor who is elected for a term of two years and is eligible to succeed himself.  He is also a member of the Town Board.  In addition to the Supervisor, there are four members of the Town Board designated as Councilmen who are elected for four-year terms which are staggered such that two councilmen are elected every two years.  All the Town Board members are elected at large and there is no limitation on the number of terms each may serve.

The Highway Superintendent is elected to a term of two years.  The Town appoints its Assessor who serves a six-year term.  The Town appoints the Bookkeeper, Engineer, and the Town Attorney whose terms are fixed by Town Law.  The Town Clerk, who also performs the duties of Town Tax Collector, is elected for a two year term.  The Town Board appoints a Zoning Board, Planning Board, and Board of Assessment Review.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Patty O'Mara Supervisor's Secretary (607) 756-6091
Tom Williams Supervisor (607)756-6091